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We feel the best holiday is when you connect with a destination on an emotional level. We help you do this by connecting you with amazing experiences, run by your inspires.  You pick the destination, and we do the research for you to generate your perfect holiday. You’ll be in safe hands as the owner and operator, CMPVina uses travel experience to over 50 countries to build your next adventure. 

We specialise in building that perfect holiday for all our guests. In addition we offer some amazing small group tours to various destinations and love putting together adventures. We offer a full suite of travel consulting services and can build private holidays that depart any day of the year. All holidays prepared at CMPVina are all about you! 

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Explore nature

Nature is our source and our first home

Nature makes we be the best version of our selves.

Spiritual tourism

The longing towards a life of truth, goodness and beauty, and the eternal world

Cultural Wonders of the World and Discover Indigenous Culture

The culture of human life has created wonders from ancient to modern. Humans are amazing - we can't help but marvel at the magnificent beauty that works, customs... are created by humanity.


The Green Medicine

Hope the "green medicine" in each trip with CMPVina will help you to purify your soul and return to the pure source.